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Santas S/S 2013


"Santas" is inspired in Colombian indigenous textile legacy, a legacy built due cultural and religious syncretism, this began in the colonial era influenced by missionaries who taught the natives to cover their ¨noble parts¨.

photo by Honey Gueco


La Lola Moderna F/W 2012

Photo by Andreia Martins

The Collection F/W 2012 "La Lola Moderna/Die Moderne Lola" by Ricardo Ramos is inspired by the impact of women's emancipation phenomena in Hispanic latitudes,and the influence of the Berliner scene's aesthetics during the period between the two World Wars



Bahebbak Morocco S/S 2012

Photo by Tinta Raue

This time Morocco and its rich cultural heritage inspired the new Ricardo Ramos´ collection S-S 2012, morrocan aesthetics are relevant for Ramos because on them converge the Middle East, Turkey, Persia and Mughal India in terms of decorative arts, costumes and textiles.This collection is also an approach to the traditional costumes used in daily basis in Morocco and its identity signs.



Reconstructing Klederdracht F/W 2011

Photo by Nadine Schneider

A small town called Staphorst in The Netherlands catched the designer’s attention  this time, its female inhabitants are stil wearing the same fashion for almost a couple of centuries! Something very unique in Europe where fashion has been a strong statemant of contemporary life and social changes, specially from last century.


The Indian Trend S/S 2011


Photo by Andres Rodriguez

Berlin Based designer  Ricardo Ramos presents his vision for spring/summer  2011 taking inspiration from the magical and misterious country of India; Earthy colors are the palette for a colection with a sligth influence from the 40’s where traditional  and sportive  are mixed together naturally, offering a sweet and feminine look with ethnic details