12 Festival for Fashion and Photography in Vienna, 365 The Fox House Gallery

02.06.2012 10:12

Last saturday 02.06.2012, 365 The Fox House Gallery opened its doors for a vernissage with a collective review taking part in the Vienna's 12th Festival for Fashion and Photography, in this collective review, among some international photographers, German photographer Roger Valentin Mandt was featured with a series of pictures made in Berlin, and styled by me with my creations, most of them from my collection F/W2012 La Lola Moderna.

These series of pictures were made in three different photo sessions, in one of those the model was Lisa Vandalism who is the pretty mysterious girl in the black and white flyer's picture.
The other model was darling Anika Laufer, with a fantastic hair and make up made by Asier Agiriano, here are some pictures from the photographer's selection: