Vintage Hispanic Fashion Film Series "La Lola Moderna/Die Moderne Lola" Curated by Designer Ricardo Ramos

04.01.2012 10:08

Designer Ricardo Ramos curated a series of films wich inspired him his new collection F/W2012,

Vintage Hispanic Fashion Film Series "La Lola Moderna /Die Moderne Lola" 

Vintage Hispanic Fashion Film Series is a project developped between Instituto Cervantes Berlin and Fashion Designer Ricardo Ramos with special collaboration from the Spanish, Mexican, Argentinian and Colombian Embassies in Berlin, Babylon Cinema Berlin Mitte.

Photo by >>>>>>>>> Andreia Martins

Model >>>>>>>>>>> Madelene Nord @ 5th Av. Model Managment Barcelona


Ricardo Ramos F/W 2012 "La Lola Moderna/Die Moderne Lola"


Babylon Mitte

Rosa Luxemburg Str. 30

10785 Berlin


Monday 16.1.2012 20:00 h


Comedie, E 1936, 109 Min,

R: Flórian Rey, Mit Imperio Argentina, OV


Thursday 19.1.2012 21:00h


Drama, MEX 1932, 81 Min, 

R: Antonio Moreno, Mit: Lupita Tovar, OmeU  

With the support of Fundación Televisiva 

Fashion show and movie on 19/01/2012

Berlin Fashion Week



Sunday 22.1.2012, 18:00 h 


Musical/Comedie, E 1935, 83 Min, 

R: J. M. Castellví, Mit: Carmelita Aubert, OV 

Berlin Fashion Week

Monday, 23.1.2012, 20:00 h 

Drama, E 1947, 68 Min,  
R: C. Serrano de Osma, Mit: Lola Flores, OV 

Monday, 30.1.2012, 20:00 h 

Krimi, ARG 1937, 92 Min, 
R: Luis Saslavsky, Mit: Tita Merello, OV  

Fashion Show and Film Series in the context of Berlin Fashion Week