Ricardo Ramos presents Seasonless Collection "Valencia in the heart"

Circuito Moda Valencia 31ST Edition 29.11.2014 

Museo Centro del Carmen, Renaissance Cloister/Claustro Renacentista


Photo By Ricardo Ramos
Catwalk Photos by Vicente Molina/Valencia


Ricardo Ramos Featuring/Interview 

MG Petals Magazine Istanbul 

Istanbul/Turkey 2014



Ricardo Ramos Archaeological Inspired Jewelry Made in Spain

Following my almost obsessive inspiration in archaeology, here are some of my archaeological inspired jewelry couture pieces. Au contraire from what most people will imagine, those pieces are original and recently made after many archaeological excursions to further sites from the mediterranean classic world. The idea is to be inspired in strong and sophisticated beauty from the classic ancient world catching the panache and the allure from that time and its magnificent sophistication without copying! Great work, those pieces are hand made in Spain using 925 Sterling Silver with high quality archaeological coin copies from ancient Greek, ancient Roman and Byzantine times, specially treated to make them look directly from an archaeological treasure with the patina of the years. 
De Leon by Ricardo Ramos 2014 (C)


Ricardo Ramos training in historical textiles conservation and restoration

Madrid/Spain 2014 



Ricardo Ramos' current projects with the perfumer/fragrances industry

Gulçiçek  Laboratories - Istanbul/Turkey 2014



Ricardo Ramos costume designer for indie film ¨Naked Spurious¨ 

A film directed by Glenn English - New York City 2014



Ricardo Ramos´ work present in the Catalan Fashion Collection Antoni de Montpalau - Barcelona 2014


Ricardo Ramos Jaibaná SS 2014 

London Fashion Week- Fashion Finest Highligthed Colection - London 2013


Ricardo Ramos "Jaibaná" SS 2014 & Retrospective Show

International Footwear and Leather Show

Bogotá, Colombia July 2013


Left >> Lucy Clarvis performing for Ricardo Ramos, Center >> A model sporting a SS 2013 creation inspired in San Agustinian precolumbian idols, Rigth >> A model sporting a SS 2014 creation, waist gathered lasered uphold leather jacket and pencil skirt with tribal geometrical print. 



Ricardo Ramos Santas SS 2013 & Barú Paradise 2013

Cartagena Fashion 2013 Cartagena/Colombia 2013



Ricardo Ramos Winter Garden AW 2013

Birmingham International Fashion Week, Birmingham/England 2013






Ricardo Ramos Winter Garden F/W 2013

7th Berlin's Night of Fashion, Berlin Fashion Week, Berlin/Germany 2013

Catwalk Impressions by MS Photography Berlin



Ricardo Ramos "Winter Garden" F/W 2013

Berlin's Night of Fashion 19.01.2013

Berlin Fashion Week



The designer takes inspiration from central Polish traditional folk costumes this time, it´s brigth happy colors and fine embroideries inspired the designer to do his new collection F/W 2013.

This collection will be featured in the collective fashion show Berlin´s Night of Fashion.

Huxley's Neue Welt

Hasenheide 107 – 113, 10967 Berlin

19.01.2013   Venue open doors 19h, shows starts 20h, Ricardo Ramos' show start 21h



Ricardo Ramos "Santas" S/S2013

Re-ACT Fashion Show 2012, Special Guest


Photos by Seweryn Cieślik/ Magnifique Studio





Ricardo Ramos S/S 2013

Preview Show by Grazia Magazine

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin July 2012


Ricardo Ramos "Santas" S/S 2013


Ricardo Ramos presents in the context of Berlin Fashion Week his new collection S/S 2013 "Santas", the Colombian/Spanish fashion designer is inspired in the textile heritage of the indigenous population of Colombia today. This cultural heritage is the result of a mixing of different cultures and religions during the colonial period, thus integrated the various European techniques for textile production, they were taken over by missionaries in their craft.

With this collection Ramos sets out the various "layers" of cultures in his clothing creations again.

For this collection Ramos did his research at the libraries of the Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut/Berlin and the Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango/Bogotá.

Swimmwear capsule collection in collaboration with Colombian brand Magento & Amarilla will be showcased in this event.

Project developed in partnership with the Ibero-Amerikanisches Institute/Berlin and with the cooperation of the Colombian Embassy  Berlin, the Instituto Cervantes Berlin and shoes Nao do Brasil/Berlin.



12 Festival for Fashion and Photography in Vienna, 365 The Fox House Gallery

Photo by Roger Valentine Mandt, Starring Anika Laufer, Hair and MUA by Asier Agiriano.



Ricardo Ramos >>>>>>> Fashion Designer

Ricardo Ramos' Fetish Couture


Starring:  Anika Laufer, Photo by Micha Sc Photography/Berlin, Styling by Ricardo Ramos.

Latex garments by The Rubber Factory/Berlin for Ricardo Ramos, bathing suit by Magento Amarilla/Colombia for Ricardo Ramos.


La Lola Moderna/Die Moderne Lola F/W2012

Fashion Show and Vintage Fashion Film Series in the context of Berlin Fashion Week

Babylon Mitte, Berlin 01/19/2012











Photos by www.andreiamartins.com



Bahebbak Morocco S/S2012 

Bereber Inspired Ensemble 

Photo by Andres Rodriguez  www.andresphotography.com

Model>>> Charlotte Schmidt


Reconstructing Klederdracht F/W 2011

Photo by Nadine Schneider

​Photo by Nadine Schneider





Photos by:

Andreia Martins www.andreiamartins.com

Andres Rodríguez www.andresphotography.com

Christina "Tinta" Raue

Nadine Schneider

Patrick Jöst www.patrickjoest.com

Rob Sheppard www.robsheppard.com

Timothy Wiehn www.timothywiehn.com






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